May 26, 2011


At my brother's memorial service, there will be a point in the service for anyone to share your favorite memory of my brother or what impact he may have had your life.  We feel this will be important for the family to hear, especially his son and daughter.  In the interest of fairness, though, if you should decide to share, please keep it brief.

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Anonymous said...

Although my time in your brother's company at Austin College was limited, due to roughly one year. I was struck by how fast our friendship & comaradery grew. I met Josh at a very impressionable time in my life, where the strength/influence of a postive father figure was limited or highly lacking. In time, after getting to know Josh, Tommy Lueders and Matthew Eddy, I was able to re-establish a better foundation of male/college-aged role-models. This group of men showed me a path to success in temrms education and constructive decisions and choices that has greatly influenced me to this day. I carry fond memories of sharing meals, studying, playing afternoon basketball and intramurals with the core group of men. Beyond the everyday college life and related memories; I have always held your brother's positive influence in my life alongside many great men who helped to fill a childhood void. Please know that I share in the grief & sadness of Josh's passing, but know that it is my goal to continue to pass along the positive influences that your brother provided to me to others. He is peerless in terms of impact and leadership during that point in my life. I feel blessed that he graced my life and I hope that he will have a continued impact to many others.