May 20, 2011

3:15 pm

The past 60 hours, I think I've slept 5 hours one night, 3 hours the next, and then a 2 hour nap today.  My sister-in-law and mom probably have had less than that.  But all that work was worth it because FINALLY, we are ahead of the pain curve.  We've been in this spot before and know that it can change far too rapidly but it is still such a huge relief to attain that state.  With the critical care nurse on hand, we have more tools to deal with any rapid changes, too.  Aside from being able to take a nap, the greatest reward was this:

My nephew came in and said, "Hello Dad-o."  His dad replied through thick and tired lips, "hey buddy."  There was absolutely no doubt that he recognized his son.  My nephew's smile confirms that.


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Linda VanSligtenhorst said...

We are acheing with you, Isaac, Lynne & Anna. So glad to hear you have a handle on the pain now. What a relief! It is amazing that Josh can still communicate with Ethan. What a gift you are giving him to be able to be in his own home with his family around him.
Love to you all,
Fred & Linda.

Aldena Gerber said...

YES!!Finally some pain the smile on Ethan's face. Hope you can keep going and thankful for the help you are getting 24/7. It is a hard road you are on but it is truly a gift that you are all there in dallas being able to help him and be there for each other too. My prayers continue!

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