May 20, 2011

12:30 am

My mom is up with me.  She refuses to go to sleep.  In large part, she wants to soak up every last moment with her son, no matter how painful it is.  But there's another issue that is at play.  Sometime back, she had a dream.  In the dream, I was coming near her to tell her something.  A sense of horrible foreboading overcomes her as I approach and so she tells me 'no' emphatically.  She doesn't want to hear what I am going to tell her.  The 'no' becomes so strong that she arouses into the waking world shouting 'NO!'  It doesn't take a genius to figure out what I was going to tell her in the dream.  So now, she does not wish her dream to come true.  She doesn't want to go to sleep and have me wake her up to tell her that her son's journey through life is over.  So she sits in a chair with her eyes half open trying to stay awake.


Anonymous said...

I pray for peace and strength for you & your mom through this difficult night. Your entire family is in my continued thoughts and prayers during this time. I know God surrounds you.
Peace & Love
Shawn Wade

Aldena Gerber said...

LOve to your Mom....please give her a big hug from me!!