November 3, 2016

last resort

I walk in. Walk being the operative word. As I glance furtively about the waiting room, wheelchairs with their occupants of varying degrees of physical humanness sit close by their care giver. I don't belong here, here being TIRR. The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. Or, THE Institute, I should say. When the congresswoman Giffords from Arizona was shot in the head, she was flown here for rehab. A bit of a reality check sets in as an internal dialogue begins. 
"I can walk."
"But some days, not so well."
"Yeah, but I'm not this far gone."
"Do you have a better idea?"
The voice is silenced as I truly am out of ideas. As are my other physicians. This pain management physician came highly recommended by my colleagues and friends in the palliative specialty of all places. How's that for dark humor? 

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