September 21, 2010

tension breaker

I'm bubbling in my horrifically long last name on the scantron while the professor drones on in a monotone voice about the rules of the exam, "no cellphones, no electronic devices, blah, blah, blah."  This is the first exam of Exam Week and it's the doozy gross anatomy so the tension is high.  Then there's a pause where silence settles in over the room and in that same dry and monotone voice, he states:
A man is driving down a lonely country road.  In the opposite lane, a woman is driving down the same country road.  As they begin to pass each other, the woman leans out of her car and yells, "PPPIIIGGG!!!!"  The man leans out his window and yells back, "BITCH!"  Then the man hits a pig in the road and dies.
The whole auditorium errupts into laughter and you can just feel the tension in the room lessen.  I've come to really love the faculty at my school.

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