September 7, 2010

a bright spot

With everything going on in my life - med school, family, dealing with my brother's cancer - I haven't spent much time tending to my garden. The heat and dryness of summer along with the relentless march of weeds has left much of it looking pretty ragged. In some real sense, that's a very good representation of how I feel. But despite it all, there are a few bright spots. During a study break, I mowed the lawn, drank a beer or three and just sat observing this Cassia corymbosa. It's loaded with flowers and ever since I planted it, I've been rewarded with a steady stream of yellow sulfur butterflies. I'd like to think there's some deeper meaning of life to it - the resilience of life, maybe. Maybe not. But all that I walk with is a brief respite where everything in life just halted for a moment and I could breathe.

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