September 4, 2010


About thirty of us are sitting in a waiting room not unlike a doctor's office.  Surrounding us are 14 exam rooms where awaits our first patient as medical students.  Rather than unleash us on actual patients, the medical school lets us make our mistakes on trained actors.  The coordinator calls out our room assignments and partner.  Then a british voice comes over the intercom informing that the group before us has 5 minutes and they are to exit the room.  It makes me feel like we're on a British Airways flight.  Then it informs us to proceed to our room.  Ours is lucky #13.  On the outside of the room is the patient's "name".  I kid you not.  The name was Ms. Robinson.  My partner and I both turn to each other laughing and enter in.  She fulfilled the role of her namesake well.  From a place of maturity, she tutored us in our art and gave us our first taste of that doctor-patient relationship.  It was wonderful.

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