September 12, 2010

review - the alchemist

While sitting in the waiting room for my brother's MRI down at MDACC, I happened to look next to me at the book shelf.  The first book jumped right out at me.  Titled The Alchemist, it is ironically "a fable about following your dreams".  I had never heard of it or the author but I took it home and gave it a go.  How could I turn down a book about omens when I basically find it as an omen?  It's a simple, yet not simplistic, beautiful story.  I'm not even sure how to explain it other than to say:


In retrospect, it's an enormously popular book that flew off the book shelves in the 80s and 90s.  I can see why.  I wonder if I had read this book earlier in my life, would I have made a career change earlier.  It's one of those books that if read with an open heart and mind, can influence you on how you view the journey through life.

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