September 10, 2010


Frustrated and not being able to locate the internal pharyngeal nerve, one of my tank mates suggests that I move to a different part of the dissection.  I wasn't making any headway and only making myself angry so it seemed like a good thing to do.  The clavicle needed to be removed.  So I traded scissors and delicate dissections for a bone saw.  Actually, it's more like an autopsy bone saw.

I grab the saw and it makes short work of the collar bone.  You can imagine that in cutting bone, some dust is going to be given off.  And you can also probably imagine that with any power saw, friction is going to generate heat.  Apply friction and heat to a body tissue which generates a dust, and you can imagine that a smell is going to be generated.  I'm here to tell you that it is NOT a pleasant smell.  The murmuring of students over the hum of various saws suggested that it smelled like Fritos chips.  Not sure about that.  If chips ever smell like that, I wouldn't feed them to my dog as a punishment.  Maybe a batch of Fritos chips that have gone horribly awry in unholy ways.  It made one of my tank mates queasy.  I doubt that she'll ever eat a frito pie in her life again.

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