March 8, 2011

spring break - days 1 & 2

My spring break started with my oldest brother flying in to visit.  Originally, we intended to all head up to Dallas for a mini-family reunion but after my dad's anemic crisis on Thursday/Friday, he was in no condition to travel.  Again, my mom was torn between wanting to see her sons together and caring for her husband.  So I opted to stay with dad so she could go up.  I figured my dad and I would have a low key weekend which is exactly what I needed.  Nope.  Saturday night was a night lacking any meaningful sleep.  My dad had difficulty sleeping and so every time he stirred, I'm up out of bed to see if he needed anything.  Sunday rolls around and again, he's pale.  Despite two units of blood Friday morning, he gets exhausted going down the stairs, nevermind the struggle going up.  Add to the mix some tearful and difficult conversations, and it was a rough weekend.  I did get his vegetable garden planted but even that was a bittersweet experience.  He couldn't do anything but sit in the chair and watch me do things that he loved to do but was unable to.  Sunday night was fraught with more difficult and heart wrenching conversations and went late into the night.  The decision was made to head back down to MDACC first thing Monday morning to see what's going on because it's clear he's not going to make it until his Wednesday appointment with the oncologist.  I guess I'm getting good exposure for my future residency training because I'm functioning on about 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  I can't remember where I set my keys or wallet but at least I can still make medical decisions.

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