March 19, 2011

random stories

Traffic is beginning to build as we make our way home from the daunting visit with the oncologist.  The windows are cracked to allow some flow of air into the car since the A/C decided to stop working.  It's not the oppressive heat of summer yet but it's not cool either.  The vented windows allow the traffic noise to fill the void in an otherwise silent car.  Whenever I change lanes and check my blindspot, I get a quick glance of my brother's face set with stony silence or my mother's wounded reflection in the rear view mirror.  I wish to be able to think of something to say or do but I realize that nothing I can say or do will be able to change anything.  Best to just let the moment be, I suppose.  We draw nearer to my mother's house and my brother asks my mom, "do you have any window cleaner?  He's got muck all over the windshield."

It draws a chuckle out of me and draws me instantly back to our youth.  It's a quote from the movie Fletch.  My dad owns a lawncare business so growing up, we spent our summers working for him.  One summer my brother and I worked together.  Let me tell you, doing lawnwork in the brutal Houston summers ain't exactly exciting or mentally stimulating.  To keep it more lively, we'd constantly throw out quotes from movies like Fletch.  Even the title my brother's blog is a quote from the same movie.  And sure enough, later that evening, my mom is out there cleaning the muck off my windshield.

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