March 13, 2011

spring break - day 8

The 'R' part of my dad's FCR chemo completed, it's now time to move on to the first day of the 'FC' regimen.  But I'm not there for that one.  I am under mother's orders to stay away from the hospital for at least two days.  Apparently, mother's orders can sometimes trump a doctor-in-training's orders.  I am told to spend time with my wife and son since they've hardly seen me the past two weeks, spend time in my garden, and drink some beer.  Okay, she didn't say the last one but it was definitely implied.  My mom has followed my directions on how to care for the cancer fighters nearly flawlessly so I did the same with her instructions on how to care for myself.  I had dinner the night before with my family.  I had breakfast with my wife (my son rarely rises before noon on weekends).  I then puttered around in my yard taking frequent breaks to sip some beer and watch the birds & the bees.  And dispelling the notion that my presence is required or all descends into utter chaos, my dad's chemo went off without a hitch.  And other than making several phone calls and blogging, I was able to recharge my batteries as best as could be expected.

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