March 12, 2011

random stories

My dad, my brother and I are taking one of the many walks in an attempt to get the two exercise.  Out of necessity, it's a short one.  Due to my dad's back injury, he is hunched over.  In an attempt to maintain his balance, though, he shifts his shoulders back which results in his chest being bowed out not unlike a chicken dance.  My brother's gait is short shuffling stride due to the pain in his hips.  We are able to make it to the end of my parent's driveway - about a hundred yards one way, two hundred round trip.  Across the dirt road is a horse stable where a young colt is running and bucking with vigorous enthusiasm.  Dryly, my brother exclaims, "showoff."  My dad laughs and we turn around to walk back to the house.


Curtis said...

I have appreciated not only the updates and stories, but also the way in which they were written - through the eyes of a loving brother and son, feeling the the emotions of those whom you will one day serving, while trying to guide a family.

Thank you.

Today's drew a smile. Hoping for more smiles.

Linda VanSligtenhorst said...

You are such a great writer, Isaac. Maybe another career choice if you get tired of your current path! Thank you for all of the updates. We, too, are praying for a miracle for both your Dad and Josh. We hope you all feel the support of your extended family lifting you up in prayer.

Urvi said...


I have been reading your updates regularly and every time hope for some positive news. I have been praying for you and your family and am hoping for a miracle.

I agree with the previous post! you are such a gifted writer!

I will be in town during summer break- may be we can get together.