March 26, 2011


Cancer sucks.  Say it with me.  Cancer sucks.  It's become a mantra for my family.  Everytime something goes wrong, it's inevitably a casualty of cancer.  For my dad, it's not the cancer itself that threatens his life.  It's little things that can rapidly become catastrophic.  A sliver.  A simple cold.  This morning, I woke up on a Saturday expecting to do a bit of light studying.  Instead, my wife says, "I think your phone has been ringing."  I go downstairs and pick it up.  It says "3 missed calls".  Uh-oh.  All three calls are from my dad and came rapid fire.  I quickly call him.  He has a fever of 101.  Uh-oh.  He has two brothers and a sister-in-law from Canada down to help him out.  His sister-in-law is already bringing him over to my house.  It's down to MD Anderson's ER we go.  Cancer sucks.  Cancer sucks.  Cancer sucks.

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