December 7, 2010


Goodbye Mr. 62-year old male, colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver.  I took my last gross practical test last night which means I am DONE with cadavers (short of any surgical rotations down the road).  The whole class was a blur and I'm not sure that dissecting is the most effecient way to learn anatomy but I do feel that it was important.  Ultimately, it's a rite of passage.  There's something to be said for digging your hands into a body cavity, seeing what cancer does to organs, holding a human heart in your hands, or seeing the effect of a penile pump for that matter.  It's both awe inspiring and immensely humbling.  Maybe I learned more anatomy than I realize (I passed after all) but more important to me is that I'll take away the experience of reducing the human body down to its most simple elemental terms and carry that appreciation with me the rest of my life.  So I thank you Mr. Cadaver.

For anyone considering willing their body to medical training, here's a website.

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