December 24, 2010

you mean I'm above average?

My last post on not studying probably came across a bit flippantly.  While I do enjoy writing, I'm no professional and I freely admit that sometimes concepts and writing ideas fall flat or just plain fail.  Despite my grumblings and shall we say, less than ideal study habits, I am actually right where I need to be in life.  It's a process and I'm trying to find the right path for me.  And despite my limitations, apparently, I'm not a complete idiot.  For the gross anatomy final, we took a national board style exam.  We just got the scores back and while I was a couple of points below the class average (damned overachievers), I'm in the top 75th percentile nationally.  Normally, on a standardized test, that'd be bad for me.  But considering the competition at this level, that ain't bad, especially given I am severely impaired when it comes to spatial relationships which is what anatomy is all about (seriously, I can get lost in a closet).  On biochem last year, I was in top 99% nationally.  I put those together and start to think that maybe, just maybe it's possible that I can do well on the board exams.


Cary said...

hey - you just gave me a new tool for interviews with medical professionals. Thanks!! Merry Christmas.

Isaac said...

Forgive my cluelessness, but how did I do that?