November 30, 2010

mistaken identity

A buddy of mine had suggested urology as a potential career choice as it seemed to be a good gig.  I may have to rethink that possibility.  We had our last practice practical tonight in gross anatomy.  On one of the tags, it was some structure that resided in the pelvis.  I thought to myself that it looked a bit like a vagina and was trying to figure out what portion of the female reproductive canal they were after (os or isthmus of cervix).  Turns out it was a prostatic urethra.  That's the part of the urethra that goes through the prostate gland.  Of a male.  Yes, men have prostates and women have vaginas with a uterus.  You'd think that'd be self evident in the training of a physician.  So not only did I get the structure wrong, but I got the entire gender wrong.  In my defense, the cadavers are really disfigured by now so structures are anything but self evident.  And the prostate in question was really, really, really large.  I felt better after I heard a string of students say that they made the same mistake.  I, however, failed to hear anyone say that they mistook the anal sinus for the vaginal vestibule.  I pulled that bonehead, too.  I think I'd have to reconsider the notion of OB, too.  Heck, with those identifications, I'm not sure I'm even qualified to have sex.

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