November 10, 2010


Roughly half a century ago, the physician Carl Jung wrote about a concept dubbed 'Synchronicity'.  In his words, it was "temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events".  In other words, they are two events that are wholly unrelated by cause and effect, yet nonetheless are still related.  Most people would call it a coincidence.  When subjugated to common sense, it seems absurb.  Coincidences are coincidences.  Nevermind it was developed by one of the forefathers of the modern psyche in conjunction with Wolfgang Pauli (developer of the famous Pauli Exclusion Principle) and Einstein (relativity).  It has, shall we say, a bit of intellectual weight behind it.  And when I think about it, a lot of what he think is absurd.  Gravity, after all, seems ridiculous when analyzed in the same fashion.  I pick something up, let it go, and it drops.  Why?  Gravity.  What's that?  A force.  Huh?  A force.  You mean  like Star Wars?  When it comes down to it, I don't truly comprehend gravity but I can still see it when it happens.

I'm not sure I understand synchronicity either but I do think I experience it from time to time.  I experience moments that seem utterly removed from cause and effect but still quite related.  This morning, while studying lectures about the pelvis, I'm answering questions emailed from my sister-in-law about the excruciating pain my brother is feeling in the.....pelvic area.  A certain sense of intellectual unravelling begins to occur at that point with it being replaced with wonderment and strangeness.

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