November 6, 2010

trust to your instincts

The last block caught me more than a bit unprepared.  Couple that with all the emotional milieu (we're also now babysitting our nephew overnight a couple nights a week), and it can get a bit unsettling.  Though completely unintentional, my son reminded me of a valuable life lesson by watching his football games.  You see, he plays defensive end in football.  He's not real keen on offense as he just "likes to hit people".  For some reason one game, he got put on kick return.  I could immediately tell that he had absolutely no clue what his assignment was.  He kinda wandered around a bit and wasn't sure exactly where to line up.  But his instincts told him, "don't just stand there, hit somebody and take them out!"
He got knocked down but he made danged sure that the guy he hit wasn't going to make the tackle.  I especially love how A) he cleverly brings the guy down without getting a flag (learned that from his dad), B) the kid he hit has to readjust his helmet and runs off in the wrong direction, and C) my son gets up to go try to find somebody else to hit.

Later on, he had another kickoff return hit. This time, he's out for blood and takes not one but two kids out.  Enough to make a dad right proud.....and good advice back to his dad.  Trust to your instincts.  Don't just stand there, hit the books.

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