January 10, 2010

more on introverts

A couple of other articles on introverts and medicine. Not exactly encouraging. Careers for introverts in the medical profession. Notice they don't list MD or RN. Another blog from a med school student who happens to me an introvert. Again, not exactly encouraging. Then again, both my dad and my wife don't think I'll last very long at actually practicing medicine. Don't get me wrong. They both think I should go through with it. They just think I'll end up doing research or something else other than solely a clinical practice. Honestly, that was one of the big appeals of the path. Even my former VP, an MD, told me that's the beauty of it. If you don't want to practice, you don't have to. There are plenty of options available.


Autumn said...

I don't think introverts are morons.

Isaac said...

Well, I hope not!