January 28, 2010

exams away

"This exam is just 40 questions, right?" Most around me agree until someone behind me says, "I think it's 80." Apparently, I didn't learn from my mishap last semester. Oh well, it can't be that hard. It's immunology after all. It's not brain surgery. The exam proctor reads out the instructions and I'm furiously bubbling my name in. Curse my long name! It's so long that it takes up every single square available. "I mark the time as 1:08. You may now begin." I'm still bubbling my alphabet of a name in as I hear students flipping the pages and beginning their exam. I look down at my watch. It's 1:45 and I'm done. 80 questions in 37 minutes? I look up and the lecture hall is still packed. I sign the honor pledge, pull out the ear plugs, walk down to the front and hand in my test. It's the first one handed in. Uh-oh. That's either a good sign or very, very bad sign. Honestly, I'm hoping for an 87-90 but after finishing that quickly, I don't know.

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