June 15, 2011

eat, drink, and be merry

The lifetime risk of developing invasive cancer in the U.S. is four in ten: a little higher for men, a little lower for women. Those are scary odds.
Scary indeed.  My immediate family has already hit that mark.  Overachievers, I guess.  One might expect that I'd be inclined to change my diet.  I go back and forth on that one.  On the one hand, there is a decent amount of data out there showing that adhering to a mediterranean diet is correlated with reduced cancer rates (among other diseases).  On the other hand, my brother had no risk factors.  His BMI was less than 25 (a rarity in these days), no other comorbidities like diabetes, never smoked, never drank, nothing.  So part of me is tempted to take a bit of a fatalistic approach.  If it's there, it's there.  I might as well enjoy my decadent food.

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