April 30, 2012

when is it enough?

     You can never be done studying.  The amount to learn is near infinite in its quality.  So for me, I study until I'm done.  There's no objective criteria.  I'm just done and that's when I stop.  And as I plow through thousands of questions for review, I wonder, if I were to pull 100 random docs, how many could answer some of these basic science questions?  Unless the doc is a pathologist or nephrologist, I wonder how many would know the answer to this question?

     In my question bank, I can select from Easy, Medium or Hard.  This falls under the Easy category.  And notice that only 48% of the respondents got the answer right.  Easy, right?  I knew it but that's just because I reviewed this subject for a brutal test yesterday written by a nephrologist. 
     And do you know how I remember it?  Let me walk you through it.  A kid comes in with dark urine.  A kid peeing coke would freak out most parents, right?  Through history, you find he had an infection a couple of weeks back.  That's a pretty easy reflexive association that I talked about in a previous post.  It's Post Infectious Glomerulonephritis (or post streptoccous GN).  Thankfully, some pathologist with common sense named the disease in a descriptive manner that tells you exactly what it is.  And what's the acronym of that?  PIGN.  Pigeon.  Pigeons leave lumps and bumps of shit all over my driveway when they eat my fallen mulberries on the ground.  The pathology looks like lumps, bumps or humps.  I can never remember if they're subepithelial or not but the answer choices only have one hump choice.  All that just to remember one disease.  And you don't even need treatment.  It resolves on its own.  Like I said, I just study until I'm done. 

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Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Pose that question to 100 non-pathologists and non-nephrologists two years after completion of residency, and only 25% would get the right answer. Because they guessed it.