April 18, 2012


     A phone ringing.  It's still dark.  It's too early for a phone to be ringing.  This can't be good.  It's never good.  "How are you?" I ask my dad.  "Not worth shit."
     To the ER.  Again.  Lower back pain.  BAD back pain.  Out of nowhere pain.  10 out 10 pain.  A long day with a test somewhere in the middle.  Conversations with a neurologist and the ER doc.  We don't agree with the ER doc.  My dad is discharged.  ER doc wanted to admit him.  He has several compression fractures in his lower spine.  And some narrowing of the holes where the nerve roots come out of the spine.  And a new rash.  Nothing to do with the pain.  Is it graft-vs-host?  ER doc pays it no mind.  Idiot.  Fool.  The spine just causes pain.  At least for now.  That's what opiates are for.  The GVH can kill him.  If it worsens.
     So my dad is home.  Taking opiates.  There will be many visits in the near future.  Starting with the SCT team tomorrow.

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