April 30, 2012

never enough

See?  It's never enough.  Like this question.  Again, a supposedly "easy" one though only 28% got it right. 

      I correctly identified the disease - chronic bronchitis.  And I narrowed it down to two answer choices.  Then I made an educated guess that chronic bronchitis would probably have similarities with asthma.  Asthma involves eosinophils so I chose B.  WRONG.  Apparently, chronic bronchitis is not similar to asthma from a pathological point of view.  The correct answer is C.  Cram another thing into my already bursting at the seams memory tank.  And so I close my eyes and say it out loud.  "Chronic bronchitis differs from asthma in that the infiltrate are mostly CD8+ lymphocytes, NOT eosinophils like in asthma."

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