October 21, 2011


Grades are finally in and the tally is:

  • Epidemiology/Evidence Based Medicine - honors on the one and only exam and honors in the class.
  • Genetics - just a pass on the one and only exam and high pass in the class overall.  Both these classes are now done.  Now on to the continuing classes.
  • Behavior - high pass on the exam
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine - only a pass.  This class is presented very differently than the other classes and I dramatically underestimated the difficulty.  Need to rectify that.
  • Pathology - high pass but they set the cutoff of honors at 93% so that's a hard target to hit.
  • Pharmacology - ditto for this one.  There were a couple math problems I just couldn't figure which probably kept me at high pass.
  • Integrative Clinical Experience/Problem Based Learning - pure clinical based on cases we work through.  Knocked this one out of the park with a straight up 100.  We're also graded by the group facilitator on how we do in the group work.  He told me I could've taught this class (it was mostly cardiovascular so I'd hope I could teach that after my years in industry) so needless to say I've got honors for this one.
Not too shabby for an old dude.

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