October 26, 2011


     My uncle recently wrote on my dad's blog what it felt like to try to be the stem cell donor and have it fail.  They spent 35 days down here, flew from Michigan to Houston twice, made multiple 70 mile round trips back and forth between MD Anderson and here, spent numerous hours in the waiting room, been poked and prodded and in all manner of ways..........and came up empty.  He will not be the donor.
     My response?  Welcome to cancer.  You bust your ass, give all you've got and then find a way to give even more, you never stop trying, battle the disease 24/7, hold onto that ridiculous yet enticing word 'hope'............and still come up short.  That's cancer in a nutshell.  Don't get me wrong.  It's not that I'm not appreciative or grateful for his effort.  I am.  But what he experienced in that condensed episode is what my brother fought against for 15 months and what my dad continues to fight against for 10 months day in and day out.  Yeah, cancer sucks and welcome to its world because it owns you.

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