August 26, 2011

tower of babel

     So what exactly does a freshman year of med school look like in hindsight?  There could be lots of ways to measure it - hours studying, amount of decreased sleep, number of beers imbibed.  But the best way, it seemed to me, was recommended by my family doc.  Stack up the books.  

     Lest you think I'm playing with forced perspective on the camera, that's an 80 pound pit bull next to it.  She ain't exactly a dainty dog.  While she can chomp through steel, not even her mandibulas del muerte could go through this much material.  And to be honest, this isn't all inclusive either.  There's no cadaver (HUGE amount of learning and memorization there) and after the first block, I rarely bought the books anymore in the interest of saving time and money.  And to be fair, I did split the first year into two, though in retrospect it was definitely not a 50/50 split.  For the fall semester, it was probably a 40:60 split and the spring semester was probably near 20:80.  So this past spring, I was doing 80% of what the rest of the students were doing with respect to class load.  Add to that my brother and my dad, and I was more than carrying a full load so I'm not scared of the second year carrying a full load.  What I am afraid of is that I have to remember that pile for the Step I exams next summer.  That's in addition to what I'm going to learn this year.  Drinkin' from a fire hydrant, eatin' an elephant, insert your own insane analogy here.

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