August 18, 2011


     This year, we have an entire course called Behavior.  Taught by psychiatrists, it's part psychiatry and part how to interact and deal with patients.  We just had one lecture on the doctor-patient relationship and so of course professionalism came to the forefront.  About one fourth of the lecture was dedicated to the rather obvious dictum, but apparently difficult to follow based on all the anecdotes we heard, "DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR PATIENTS.  EVER.  Even if you have to say to yourself before you go into every room, 'don't sleep with this patient', do that because it's never a good idea to sleep with your patients."  And the instructor would then proceed to tell us yet another anecdote about when one of her colleagues violated that rule.

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April said...

Wow - I'm encouraged they actually have a course on how to interact with patients, but how sad that so many can't seem to use basic common sense.