April 24, 2011

the air

Fox, get out of there.  Fox, no.  Fox, stay.  Fox, out.  It's Easter weekend and my brother's house is full of 4 generations worth of family members.  Included in that mix is our dog Fox.  The antithesis of everything that is a pit bull, she is an incredibly sensitive dog with a kind heart.  She keeps trying to go into the room in which my brother resides.  He's set up in their tv room with what he calls his 'princess and the pea' arrangement.  The cushions and pillows are stacked in such a way as to render the pain as minimal as possible, to the extent that's even possible.  It's not.  The air in my brother's room is thick and heavy with emotions.  Searing pain, smoldering anger, profound sadness, unrequited questions....all are emitted from the various family members who enter to simply be with my brother.  And Fox can smell them all.  She wants to be near them.  All the complex and subtle emotions that are wrapped up together and she can sense them.  She just wants to be present in the mix.  A pretty wise dog.

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