March 27, 2010


The authors I relish the most are the ones who are able to get you, the reader, to experience and feel the situation as it really could be.......I am unable to conjure up the appropriate words that are able to get you, the reader, to feel the circumstances as they actually were. Just before seven in the evening on Friday night, I get the call from my brother and the MD Anderson oncologist and shortly into the conversation, the phrase "we can't cure your cancer, but we can treat it" drifted from a cell tower to my phone to my ear to my middle and inner ear to the temporal lobe of my brain. I heard it, I understood it, I comprehended what that meant. But how do I convey that immediate silence afterwards that stretched across time and space holding a silent note that hung interminably? Are there words to describe the anguish? They all seem grossly impotent to me. None strike the visceral blow that was evoked. Words fail me miserably.


Steve Parker, M.D. said...

I'm sorry to hear it. But I wouldn't give up all hope by any means.

I've seen some bad cancers disappear, even if that's the exception rather than the rule.


Isaac said...

Absolutely. We're trying to figure out how to get him into that long tail of the bell shaped curve.