March 1, 2010

block II exams

Block II neurology exam was today. What can I say about this class? Hmmmm. I think my classmates said it better. Before the exam, one student remarked, "despite two full blocks, I still can't explain to other people even basic stuff like 'what does the frontal lobe do?' but I can identify some tiny speck of a tissue on a slide." Or, afterwards how about, "is there a designated crying room?" and that was from a man. Another was, "Why is it after this class exam, I always feel pissed?" It's not that it's overally hard, though there are some concepts that require some thinking. It's that it's taught, shall we say less than efficiently. It's not an easy class and so those less than ideal teaching styles compound the problem greatly. Me? I think I bombed the written part. There was crap on there where I just went, "huh?" We'll see. I'll be happy with a 70.

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