March 6, 2010

providence or irony

My dad calls it providence. At times, I call it irony. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Through contacts and knowing the right people, I scored interviews with both the assistant dean and dean of student affairs when I applied to med school. By some strange streak, the assistant dean is also my advisor. So when I needed a contact at MD Anderson (#1 cancer center in the world) for my brother, she was the recipient of one of the many emails I sent out pleading for help. She forwarded it onto to the dean who gave me the name of a good oncologist. I push a bit more and long story short, I get an emails at 7 and 11pm last night in addition to 7 am this morning. Wow. It's helping to renew my faith in humanity and our medical system when a dean has the inclination to so diligently help out a student's family member. So I'm going to take all the data so far, show it to her come Monday, and then we're going to call the oncologist bypassing all sorts of bureaucratic red tape and probably violating about a hundred HIPAA codes in the process. Hopefully, he's starting his chemo within a week's time.

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Steve Parker, M.D. said...

A ray of sunshine peaking through the storm clouds.