October 2, 2009

Joys of AP

One of the benefits of taking the Alternate path, aside from my sanity, is that I've been able to attend every one of my son's football games so far. Heck, for one the refs didn't show up so I even helped out by reff'ing one. It brought back a lot of fun memories. He's #44 standing next to me in the red shorts and zebra shirt.
Hey, no whistle, keep hitting. I'm not going to call that a late hit on my own kid....Especially when I told him "no whistle, keep hitting". And neither I nor the other ref (from the other team so it was fair) had blown the whistle. I also taught him how to hold when blocking (he's tight end) by keeping your hands in close. I actually had one of the opposing team members come complain that #44 was holding and could I look out for it. Hey, I didn't see it. He had his hands in. Duh, that's the point kid. Plus, we were getting slaughtered so a few missed calls weren't going to matter.
As I said, an absolute blood bath. Here I am instructing him after they just ran yet another touchdown, this time to his side (linebacker on defense). I think I was politely telling him that the next time, he'd better get his )#(*% off the blocking TE and get in there to deliver a blow to the running back.
Next game. Here you can see the ref signalling the ball going in the other direction. Why you ask this picture?
Because we were winning 13-12 in the 4th quarter and the opposing offense was driving down to take the lead before good ol' #44 (look at those excited arms jumping up) recovered their fumble and halted the drive. They won this one. A rematch against them was not pretty. It was their only win. More fun than a barrel full of NADH going to the Krebs cycle.

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Autumn said...

Way to go, Llew!

Isaac, I bet you are the only ref ever on the field with red shorts and sandals!