September 20, 2009

Study Break

I've had enough studying for today. It's Sunday right before the first block exams and on the old tests, I'm up to 80s for both classes. I'd like to do better but not enough to study even more hours. I'd rather take a study break with my son and pick our first pomegranate - first of the season and ever. I planted it at the request of my wife and I'm glad I did. He's wanted to pick it for that past week. I needed a break.
Look at that hair. And that's AFTER it's been cut. It used to be even more unruly before school started. He used to be in Boy Scouts but I still had to tell him to move his fingers. I've bandaged his fingers before. I didn't feel like it today.

For those of you who aren't familiar with pomegranates, here is what they look like inside. They take a bit of effort to get at but they are good. No bugs inside so that was a good sign.

He liked them a lot. He said that they were even better than store bought ones. A good break. The satsumas and lemons should be ready in about a month or so.

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