September 23, 2009

Another study break

Last day before the last test of block I. The weather was a bit cool and it had rained so that meant one thing....
It's kayaking time. It's a swamp up in The Woodlands that I like to go to but the as it's been so dry of late, the water level was too low. You gotta love REI. Where else can you go deck out a honda civic to carry kayaks?

It's kinda hard to take pictures and kayak at the same time. That and I don't have a waterproof camera so I'm using our old rinky dink Olympus from way back when. Went looking for alligators but I have yet to see any. I did see a decent number of birds - great blue heron, cormorants, a hawk (not sure what he was but had a reddish belly), some unidentifiable ducks that never let me get close enough.


As far as swamps go, it's pretty cool.

I did come across one cool plant. It's a cardinal flower. While going back to see it, I also came across a racoon.


End of the line. The way was blocked by water lotus. Sure, you can paddle through them but they up the resistance and then keep snagging up your paddle. I don't mind going through small sections but I couldn't see the end of this batch.


Autumn said...

I do love REI. Nice swamp. I'm guessing your hawk could have been a red shouldered hawk. They are smaller than red tailed hawks...

Isaac said...

That was my first thought, too, so I looked at the shoulders and no red that I could see.