July 2, 2014


     "Failed?  What do you mean 'failed'?" my wife asked puzzled.  "You never fail."

     But indeed I had.  A clinical exam, no less.  In my defense, it had been 10 months since I'd seen an adult patient and had more than my share of problems on my mind.  But I've been operating that way for years now.  Why did the cracks start to show now?  That's really not quite true.  The cracks have been there all along.  And quite a few more have been added along the way.  It would be akin to breaking my leg in the backcountry.  How far could I hike on it before the broken bone becomes too much?  How long can willpower and adrenaline alone last?  At some point, healing must begin to take place, even if in the most minute spots.

     I passed it on the second try.

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Robert said...

I am sure that was an event that gave you pause. I look forward to the cracks being repaired and healed and no longer merely tolerated and acknowledged. I continue to stand with you Isaac! Good on ya man!