June 28, 2014

living with pain

Can you tell the difference between these?  Unfortunately, I couldn't.  At 5 am, some things are rocket science until caffeine kicks in.  And I didn't put the deodorant on my back.  I put the icy hot on my armpit.  THAT will wake you up quick.  And I mean jump to it.  I couldn't wash it off quick enough.  My armpit felt burned the rest of the day.


Cary Reams said...

Okay, okay. Sometime this afternoon, I'm going to stop laughing. But right now, this is funny. Good thing you were around a shower -- could have grabbed it on the way out the door and applied it at work.

ZARZAND said...

I'm trying to hard not to smile right now. Awful story. But smirk. I appreciate that you can post all aspects of your world. Chuckling.