April 11, 2014

the power of expectation

     My mom has recently entered the 20th century of texting and developed a liking to it.  She was texting me during an especially boring seminar this past month.  She was proud of her developing a habit of walking and was relaying it to me.  As it was a cold day, she was looking forward to a warm glass of glögg afterwards.  What the hell is that?  Apparently, it's the Nordic version of mulled spiced wine.  Of course, my wife already knew this.  My mom said she came in rosy cheeked and warmed herself a glass of glögg.  Feeling already invigorated by the walk, she said after drinking half the glass that she began to feel a nice feeling of warmth and relaxation.  By the end of the glass, that sense of relaxation and warmth had become even stronger.  This stuff from her Finnish ancestors packed a powerful punch, she thought.

     Only the next day did she read the label.  It said 0% alcohol.  None.  Zip.  Nada.  It's to be mixed with rum or red wine.  I about died laughing when she told me.  Her simple expectation of the effects of alcohol were enough to induce the relaxation effects of alcohol.  She also swears by that stuff Airborne to fend off colds.  Never mind the stuff has been debunked and the company was successfully sued for false advertising.  It's fought off many a cold for her.  I told my mom, "you've figured out something that western medicine has never been able to figure out - a way to harness the power of the placebo.  Run with it."


Abe said...

I'm glad I could provide some comedic relief for you. Making my Isaac laugh,[which is what your name means], is a gift to me,dear son. I love you, mom

Rohit said...
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ZARZAND said...

The blog and your mom's response just now in these notes have been a heart lifter to me tonight lol. Long day. Head won't turn off. Thanks once again for offering seriously just about my favorite blog. Even on the days it makes my heart sigh or cry.