April 1, 2014

match day

     Someone interrupted the leader of our workshop, "can we have 5-10 minutes to check our emails and call family and friends?"
     March was all workshops.  No clinic, no hospital, no call, no nothing.  Match Day also occurred during March.  It's that nerve wracking specific date when a graduating student finds out where they're going for residency.  Not graduating until December, I had no emails to check, no phone calls to make.  I was envious of their station.  I should be in the same place.  Looking back, I know that the wear and tear of emotional tragedy piling up one after another caused me to need a break.  Everyone I trusted said I needed it.  I even agreed.  Logically, it was the sane thing to do.  But it still did not lessen the sting of that day.

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