November 12, 2013

counting up my demons

     Though it was a year ago, I never blogged about my experiences during my psychiatry rotation at MD Anderson.  It certainly was not due to lack of material.  Perhaps it's taken me that long to feel comfortable writing about them.  Without a doubt, it was the most emotionally demanding rotation I went through so far, though I have yet to complete pediatrics successfully (I stopped after encountering a patient resembling my son while on call).  Or, perhaps I had no idea how to even give it words?  How do I properly do these patient's story justice?  It hit all to close to home as their are some universalities to human suffering, at least as it relates to cancer.  Time to confront those demons before I go back to my rotations full time.  I start with pediatrics so I will have all new demons to confront then.  Best exorcise these while I can.

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