August 3, 2012


"A rabbi would never exaggerate. A rabbi composes. He creates thoughts. He tells stories that may never have happened. But he does not exaggerate." - The Simpsons

Book learning as the exclusive form of learning is done. In its place is experiential learning via clinical rotations.  The next two years are filled with them.  First is family medicine.  In 4 short weeks, I get a whirlwind tour of what family medicine is like in a county clinic run by academics.  It's only been 4 days and in addition to the staples of family practice - hypertension and diabetes - already I've seen bipolar, heart failure, liver failure, and osteoarthritis to name a few.  I've even seen completely fabricated diseases.  Interesting does not begin to describe them and they are wonderful tales to be told.  But in order to respect the patient's privacy, I will do as the rabbi above does.  I will compose.  I will create thoughts.  I will tell stories that are not quite historically accurate.  But they are all 100% true.

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