August 24, 2012


     We had already signed the papers, packed my dad's bags and walked out the room. Discharged.  I left my dad in the front lobby of Mdacc while I trekked back over to school to get my car. He was ready for some uninterrupted sleep in his own bed (hospitals are the worst place to get rest). In the ten minutes it took to get my car and drive back, they called my dad. One of the cultures did end up coming back positive.
     Parainfluenza 2. You know the coughing snot nosed kids runny around schools and day cares? This is one of the viruses responsible for that. It is usually not a big deal but in a stem cell transplant it's a very big deal. Significantly bad things can happen to stem cell patients infected with this virus. So we are back in the room waiting to hear what they want to treat him with (viral treatments are rather limited) and whether to do it as an inpatient or outpatient. The waiting game again...

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