March 13, 2012


It's been five days since the stem cell transplant. So far, my dad has had a severe challenge just about every other freakin' day.

1) A fever due to a UTI which was treated which with two antibiotics. They worked. He's still on them.

2) Two superficial clots - one in his arm and one in his leg. They are being treated with a type of heparin (an anticoagulant) called lovenox to make sure he doesn't get the dangerous deep ones. He's still on it which is good - see below.

3) A bout of arrhythmia which was an averted disaster due to digoxin. One of the big dangers with a-fib is throwing a clot and causing a stroke. Since he was already on lovenox, he got a two-for-one benefit there. He's out of the woods but this will be a difficult one to manage going forward.

Despite a crisis every other day, he's still doing better than some of the patients I see on the floor. It's a rough business, this one.


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