March 29, 2012


     "This hasn't been too bad."  In retrospect, my dad was expecting much worse.  I think we all were.  That's not to say it was easy.  It's just that it's all relative.  Relative to the gentleman who got hit by a fungus.  It started in his sinuses and went up into his skull and jaw.  The right side of his face resembled a train track interchange with the stapled scars running in all directions.  It was three years post transplant for him and he was found unresponsive one morning in his room.  He transfered to ICU and we don't know what happened to him after that.  Or, the woman who was seven years post transplant.  She was down in Houston visiting relatives when an episode of graft-versus-host hit and landed her in the hospital.  She had trouble even walking when I saw her.  Or, the woman who had to be about the same age as me.  She hadn't eaten anything in six days because of the intense nausea.  Can you imagine not eating for a week? 
    So all things considered, yeah, it couldn't have gone any smoother for my dad.  Infections, drug reactions, arrhythmia, mild graft-versus-host. Those were all just minor hiccups relatively speaking.  We're just three weeks after the stem cell transplant and he's been given permission to go home for the weekend.  That pretty much says it all.

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