August 17, 2010


We're down in the basement which seems appropriate.  The floor and walls are concrete while the fluorescent lights cast a harsh glow.  Again, apropo.  We raise the body up out of the tank and peel back the towel as the fluid drips back down into the pool of fluid.  A nameless body stares empty up at the ceiling with one eye open and the mouth slightly agape.  The six of us stand there for a minute taking it all in.

"This is weird," one student states.

Seeing the hand saws residing on a cart behind us, the type one can buy at Home Depot, I reply, "it's about to get a whole lot weirder," knowing full well what those saws are for.

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lala00 said...

I can't imagine but I also can't wait to hear more stories from this class. The human body is awesome.