July 19, 2010

thoughts from behind the mower

     I'm out in the elements where the heat indices approach 110 degrees working all day.  I've started working out at the gym with my son.  And I actually gained weight.  In my twenties, I never had any trouble with weight.  I subscribed to the simple notion that weight was all about the simple equation:
calories in = calories out
     To lose weight, just eat less and exercise more.  I'm realizing first hand that's a simplistic biological notion.  Your body is not a like your checking account.  It's as if your checking account could grow or shrink irrespective of how much you make or spend.  So I've realized that when I started working out, my appetite increased voraciously to compensate.  And I didn't necessarily eat bad things either.  Likewise, I've read of multiple studies where starving oneself leads to a slowing of metabolism which is why diets are yo-yo in nature.  It's not only the weight loss that's difficult.  It's the maintenance that's equally hard but just as important.  And I'm not sure the medical community has come up with a satisfactory strategy for that yet.

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