July 28, 2010

medifast - sexercise

As a red blooded male, this is just plain awesome of medifast.  I'd like to meet the individual who decided to include this in their Exercise Log.  They allow you to record all manner of exercises, intensity and duration which then calculates your caloric burn based on your body weight.  To what am I referring specifically, though?  A picture is worth a thousand words....(warning to my parents, this will probably make you uncomfortable...)

It includes not only sex but how involved it was and how long it lasted.  Let's look at the caloric expediture of a 'quickie' from the female perspective, shall we?  It involves minimal effort and only lasts 5 minutes.  Your reward (other than happy husband)???  A whopping 7 calories.  But what if you're involved, too?

Sorry ladies.  It only bumps up to 11 calories.  But what if it's a night, er, nearly an hour of passion?

For 48 minutes of vigorous sexual activity (and I'd love to know how they defined and calculated that), you burn 101 calories.  That doesn't sound like a lot but when you're only eating 800-900 calories daily, that's just north of 10% of your total caloric intake.  That's not trivial which is why they probably decided to include it as an exercise activity.  (Plus, it keeps one's mind off of being hungry.)  Couple that with walking with dog for half an hour and you're up to 20% thereby inducing some serious weight loss.  On their website, they say that over 15,000 physicians recommend their plan.  If they keep promoting activities like this, they may have to make it 15,001.

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Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Medical textbooks commonly report that "having sex" burns calories equivalent to walking up two flights of stairs.

That always seemed to me to be an under-estimation.