May 25, 2010


     Long time no blog.  I had my finals, my brother's CT results and then we had a family reunion down at the beach at Galveston.  So everything was a bit of blur there for a couple of weeks.  As my son told me last night after partying with his cousins for the past 5 days, "I need a vacation from that vacation."  Indeed.  Probably the hardest thing was I got my first Pass grade (they have been Honors or High Pass up until this point).  Missed High Pass by a measly 7 tenths of a point in Neurology.  I'm just average.  I'm also just kidding.  Sort of.  I hardly studied at all for that class so it was actually quite reassuring that even a half-assed attempt can be sufficient in the classes that I don't care for.
     So now I can refocus and blog on some topics that have been ruminating for awhile now.  I can sit back and digest my journey towards becoming a physician and be able to pursue cancer topics with a bit clearer head knowing the tumorous bastards are half the size they were before.

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