February 9, 2010

cancer and low carb

Slowly, but surely, I'm plodding away through "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes, and I gotta say, it's intriguing. It's a long book and he documents it well, but one summary that he puts forth is that no sugar/carbs, no cancer. That's quite a bold statement given the current dogma about fat being the end all and be of all of evil foods. But Albert Einstein College of Medicine is initiating a trial to test that premise. The RECHARGE Trial (REduced CarboHydrates Against Resistant Growth Tumors) is aiming to look at a ketogenic diet and the effects on cancer that they suspect are dependent on high blood sugar levels like metastatic breast cancer. I'm no oncologist and cancer research is out of my realm of experience (mine was more cardio/metabolic), but I gotta say that expecting any effects after just 28 days seems alwfully optimistic in my view. But it'll be interesting to see what they find. A cursory glance at pubmed reveals that the premise is not without merit. It's certainly stimulated me to reassess my brief flirtation with diet induced stupidity, I mean ketosis.

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